Heavy equipment at work
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The company reported lower production compared with its 2013 numbers.
underground mining
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Dan Audet
Director General
Moon Patrol VR
VR lets engineers and geologists communicate and look at data through a data tour where everyone can see the same thing at the same time.
los filos
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Mining activities at the Guerrero mine have been halted by members of the Carrizalillo community.
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Highlights at Los Filos include the restart of open-pit and underground development activities and a study for a new carbon-in-leach plant.
"Today marks a strong beginning for Leagold with the Los Filos mine becoming our platform for growth”
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey
Director of Corporate Affairs and Security
Mining is a highly strategic industry for Mexico that is not as vulnerable as other industries to external political factors.
Los Filos
Goldcorp, one of the world’s fastest growing senior gold producers, started commercial production in January 2008 on Los Filos’s two open pit mines
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