Leopoldo Rodríguez
Leopoldo Rodríguez

Social aspects are extremely important for large-scale projects such as wind farms. There are regions in Mexico that are more sensitive than others, like indigenousowned lands. Wind energy companiesare bound by law to perform a social impact assessment, which is challenging now because not all the regulations and guidelines have been defined. A right approach to the communities implies close interaction and well-designed communication strategies that get the message clearly to the communities. Many communities in Mexico tend to think that infrastructure projects are equal to money but they must keep in mind that private companies are not the government. Project developers should have social plans to make a positive impact on the project’s surrounding communities but these plans do not substitute government actions.

Our interviewees shared experiences, highlighting the importance that local communities play in the development of Mexico’s energy infrastructure.
Luis Soliz
Luis Soliz
Energy Director
Government of Baja California Sur
Baja California Sur’s interest in solar energy dates back to the 1970s, when the first solar-powered seawater desalination plants were installed
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