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The mathematical chaos algorithm is disrupting the traditional “biological” response to cybersecurity, said Sneer Rozenfled, CEO, Cyber 2.0.
MCS22-art-02-1500-AI and ML
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As attackers become more professional, tools based on AI and machine learning enable companies to defend themselves from cybercriminals.
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To strengthen cybersecurity, industry leaders must secure the weakest link in the chain: users.
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The development of internal talent can help companies bridge the existing tech talent deficit.
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With new technologies boosting the digital transformation, CIOs and CISOs have had to develop skills that go beyond traditional technology management.
MCS22-art-01-1300-Industrial Cybersecurity
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In the face of growing cyberthreats, the primary focus of industrial companies should be to help bridge the security gap between OT and IT.
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Protecting against cybersecurity threats is a responsibility equally shared by the cloud provider and the customer, agreed industry experts.
Weekly Roundups
Cybersecurity needs for SMEs and Mexico Cybersecurity Summit are among this week’s top stories.
MCS22-art-01-1200-Fintech and Banking
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While exchanging data among financial companies is important, it creates vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit, agreed industry experts.
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