Alonzo Autrey Managing Director of DVA Mexicana
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Alonzo Autrey
Managing Director
DVA Mexicana
Analyzing trends related to pharmaceutical molecules helps give DVA Mexicana the upper hand regarding market opportunities.
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Ricardo Rentería
Sales Management Enterprise Lead
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ricardo Rentería of AWS Mexico, explains how agility, scalability and security makes AWS a successful company in the world’s digital transformation.
Ana Riquelme
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Ana Riquelme
Executive Director
Ana Riquelme exposes the contributions of AMID to the medical device sector and how the member companies work to strengthen the healthcare sector
Melissa Rosales
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Melissa Rosales
Director General
RM Pharma
Melissa Rosales explains how volunteering for a clinical research study gives patients options to treat their illness
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Magdalena Ferreira-Lamas
Vice President and General Manager for the Group of North Latin American Markets (NoLA)
Avon is the fifth-largest beauty company in the world. Avon’s brands include: ANEW, Avon Color, Avon Care, Skin so Soft and Advance Techniques.
Analysis healthcare investment
While Mexico’s chronic disease epidemic continues unabated, new hurdles have arisen.
Wellmedic 1
Wellmedic Health Centers is a pioneering co-working and networking platform for doctors.
Hospitals and Care Providers
IMSS is the main health insurance provider in Mexico, covering 29.5 percent of the population
Gurulinga Konanur
Gurulinga Konanur
Director General of Hetero Mexico

There are few API manufacturers in Mexico. As a result, we hold strong ground in Mexico. The quality of a medication relies entirely on the quality of the API. Developing an API requires significantly more investment in R&D than in manufacturing of the finished product. We invest heavily in R&D and we often begin planning them over 10 years before they go off patent. This helps us to offer products to clients at a much more advanced or early stage of product development. We see the biggest competition coming from Asian companies that offer their products at a low price, but they lack great services and speed to reach the market. Hetero has a 500ha chemical complex in Vizag, India that manufactures 24/7, which allows us to offer a high volume of high-quality products at affordable costs.

Stronger regulations on generics production, along with high costs of patent medications, have led to a boom in the Mexican generics market
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