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Juan Manuel Contreras
Ámbar Capital
Ámbar Capital specializes on evaluating the ventures of entrepreneurs to give them the necessary spotlight to bring their projects closer to fruition
by Miriam Bello
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Andrea Campos
Founder and Director
Mental health is a delicate topic. Yana is a conversational approach tool that draws from cognitive behavioral therapy to track mental health
by Jan Hogewoning
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Arturo Jain
Lack of specialist is a latent problem in Mexico. Arturo Jain and Amiel Rosales created Nubix, an app to solve the radiologist shortage in the country
by Miriam Bello
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Marco Ruggiero
General Manager
Chiesi México
Marco Ruggiero explains how good work and practices have translated on being the first pharmaceutical company on having B Corp ertification
by Miriam Bello
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Fernando Oliveros
Incoming President
As incoming President of The Mexican Association of Innovative Medical Devices Industries, Fernando Oliveros shares his vision and goals for AMID
by Miriam Bello
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Raúl Jacobo
Healthcare Manager
CHG Meridian México
How could PPA's transform the Mexican healthcare sector? On this interview, Raúl Jacobo explains the importance of this cooperation
by Miriam Bello
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Tomás Iglesias
CEO and Co-Founder
Osiris Healthtech Systems
Osiris Healthtech Systems is a Mexican Healthtech company that manages OMI an electronic platform for managing clinical and business data
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Adriana Vallejo
Monterrey Chapter Leader
Hacking Health
Hacking Health Chapter Monterrey leader, Adriana Vallejo, encourages a better entrepreneur environment to boost innovative practices in Mexico
by Miriam Bello
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Adrián Ceballos
Medical Director of the Mother-infant Unit
Centro Médico Dalinde
Centro Médico Dalinde is best known for their materal and pediatric care, Adrián Ceballos remarks the hospital's strengths and desires to grow
by Miriam Bello
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