holding minero
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Juan Carlos Mazón
Holding Minero
Holding Minero creates access for a group of top companies to provide their services in the Mexican market.
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Héctor Miranda
Country Manager
Orica expects electronic detonation systems to continuously grow at the expense of other, less sophisticated systems.
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Héctor Quezada
Country Manager
BIM is a 3D model-based construction management process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals unrivaled tools.
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Justin Taylor
Halyard Inc.
The oil & gas industry uses massive amounts of barite, a mineral that can be found aplenty in historic tailings dams.
climate change
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TCFD helps companies to handle climate-related risks and opportunities and explains the financial implications of climate change on business.
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Erick Valencia
RPN Recubrimientos Polymericos del Noroeste
Sulfuric acid, cyanide and sodium hydroxide are very aggressive agents. RPN has solutions for handling them safely.
for sale
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First Majestic is working to sell seven of its properties in Jalisco and Durango. A tax dispute looms in the background.
krebs coeur
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Mitchell J. Krebs
President & CEO
Coeur Mining Inc.
Companies pre-pandemic were already expected to provide value to communities. This is bound to accelerate.
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As the lithium value chain seeks to move away from China, a transversal industrial policy would be more relevant to the country’s development.
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