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Weekly Roundups
The World Bank indicated that the world economies could soon face a global recession. This and more in the weekly roundup.
Lithium deposit
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Moody’s said that the success of LitioMx on its management flexibility.
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A strong market volatility and growing inflation could lead to a period of stagflation for both countries, according to investment firm BlackRock.
wind turbines
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Sustainable bonds could support states and municipalities in developing projects for water infrastructure and reactivate their economies.
In its new report, the group gave a clear outline of where the country is headed in economic and investment matters.
CFE meeting with Manuel Bartlett
Weekly Roundups
CFE multimillion dollar loss during 2022 and upcoming Mexico Energy Forum 2022 ECHO are among this week’s top stories!
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Weekly Roundups
The WTO announced an increase in global exports of intermediate goods.
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Fitch affirmed Mexico’s rating at BBB- with a stable outlook; this rating could remain unchanged for the remainder of López Obrador’s six-year term.
Weekly Roundups
The handover will occur next Thursday, sources claim. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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