train track over land
Weekly Roundups
While segments of the Mayan Train are completed, a batch of fresh controversies arises to halt its development. That and more in this week’s roundup!
Workers shanking hands
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The government of Oaxaca plans to complete a MX$14 billion investment to boost the economic development of the state.
mayan ruins
Weekly Roundups
Could the Mayan Train become a globally recognized attraction on its own right? This and more in this week’s roundup!
Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián
Expert Contributor
Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián
Ministry of Economy of Oaxaca
The Isthmus of Tehuantepec Program seeks to settle the debt of inequality that exists in Mexico, and to provide social justice.
Are Healthy Lifestyles An Inclusive Reality in Mexico?
Mexico high prevalence of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases is being addressed but, what is missing to generate a greater impact?
coke, coca cola
News Article
Oaxaca and Tabasco are the first states to ban the sale of junk food in Mexico. What consequences will this have for companies?
Cinema Special Effects
Weekly Roundups
The special effects industry sees the Latin American region as a potential hub for the next few years, despite the lack of enough professionals.
vers la lune
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s most important mining news, including gold and silver’s unremitting journey upward.
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell during today's briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 6,139 more COVID-19 infections since yesterday for a total of 456,100 nationwide, of which 44,636 are active
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