Santiago González Reyes
Expert Contributor
Santiago González Reyes
National Association of Medicine Distributors|ANADIM
Pharmacy practices are an important component of the Mexican health system and not a mere business tool, explains Santiago González Reyes.
Inequality (CC BY 2.0)
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Social inequalities are the real problem of Mexico's economic recovery. It will require resetting and adjusting the economy to more inclusive…
Mexico's Economy
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In the worst-case scenario, Mexico could suffer an 8.6 percent economic fall in 2020 and a slow economic recovery in 2021.
Obesity Measurement
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It is estimated that by 2050, the impact of obesity in Mexico will be among the highest for OECD countries.
E-commerce sales
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Traditionally, consumers needed a store to buy products and services. Nowadays, they have access to digital platforms to source digital goods.
Businessmen Talking
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About 50 percent of GDP and 80 percent of employment is generated by SMEs. How will they be helped during the COVID-19 crisis?
IMSS' Health Professionals
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Several complaints have been lodged by health workers who have been victims of stigmatization and discrimination. Why are they being discriminated?
Equality on a scale
Weekly Roundups
Gender equality and salary gaps are at the forefront of this edition. Read about this and more in your weekly roundup!
Roberto Martínez
View from the Top
Roberto Martínez
Director General
OECD for Mexico and Latin America
Mexico requires public policies and an integral vision to combat diseases and to promote the country's economic development.
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