Luis Enrique Castañón, DIrector General of Miel Orgánica Bioflora
Luis Enrique Castañón
Director General
Miel Orgánica Bioflora
A business model focused on organic and healthy products that also generates a fair income could be a solution for a number of social hardships.
Enrique Hernández, of Aires de Campo
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Enrique Hernández
Aires de Campo
Aires de Campo is a Mexican food company that works with 40 organic producers around the country
Regina Olvera, Founder of Sierra Encantada
Regina Olvera
Sierra Encantada
The Mexican market is increasingly demanding artisanal and local production that adds value and complies with good practices
BENSI LEVY FERRÉ Director General of The Green Corner
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Bensi Levy Ferré
Director General
The Green Corner
The Green Corner initially began as a family project seeking to trade in areas across Nepantla, in the State of Mexico
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