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After just over three months of debate, the private sector and the government agreed on changes to the outsourcing reform
Juana Rodriguez
View from the Top
Juana Ramírez
Juana Ramirez, President of ASEM, tells MBN about the development of the entrepreneurial landscape in Mexico and the priorities ahead.
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Outsourcing has been helpful to the Mexican automotive industry, so industry experts warn about the risks of improper regulation.
Agricultural workers
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Influential organizations presented a joint statement against the government’s plan to ban all outsourcing.
Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office head Ricardo Sheffield reported on results of the Mexican Black Friday.
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Highlights: AMLO will meet today with private sector to discuss where outsourcing can be allowed. Downplays Reuters report on secret agreement…
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Following López Obrador’s new initiative against outsourcing.
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Weekly Roundups
The initiative to reform the outsourcing system in Mexico will improve working conditions in the country and will bring legal certainty to workers
Minister of Labor (STPS) Luisa María Alcalde disclosed the planned reform in outsourcing today.
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Highlights: Labor Minister Alcalde says outsourcing reform is ready. Finance Minister Herrera highlights good news for private sector…
Stressed Man
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Outsourcing’s role in corporate performance is now in debate almost eight months into the pandemic.
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