Consumer habits
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Habits acquired by consumers during confinement may mark a before and after in a sector that had hardly changed in the last century.
covid-19 retail measures
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While support measures for small businesses have been announced, stores continue to close their doors.
Felipe sánchez
View from the Top
Felipe Sánchez
Assurant Mexico
Assurant Mexico is part of Assurant Inc., a leader in specialized insurance products and services in North America and other international markets.
Rodrigo Assam
David Baltazar
Director of Financial Planning and Investor Relations

We strive to identify cities that have the potential to benefit immensely from the projects we develop. Many areas in Mexico have a population with high purchasing power but a lack of entertainment areas and commercial offer. It is a major area of opportunity for us as we are the only ones developing such innovative mixed-use developments outside of Mexico City. It is also much easier to develop large projects in smaller cities because Mexico City suffers from a lack of space, oversaturation and the area is also undergoing the political transition from a city to a state. The idea of anchor stores is changing. Now, stores like H&M are just as important as more traditional anchor stores such as Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro. In the past, commercial centers would have to chase anchor stores and now we are reversing this phenomenon thanks to our successful track record. It is also essential to offer high-quality gastronomical choices and entertainment options.

. Today, 54 percent of the world’s population lives in cities and this is expected to increase to 66 percent by 2050.
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