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Ángel Pedraza
Country Manager Mexico
Solenis is planning to strengthen its position in the mining market. Country Manager Angel Pedraza explains the company’s strategy.
Weekly Roundups
The NOC will no longer hold a contract with the renowned credit rating agency. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Jose Maria Bermudez Aniq Dow
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José María Bermúdez
President, President & General Manager
ANIQ, Dow Mexico
"Mexico’s chemical industry is an economic engine and the essence of any number of value chains in other industries of a strategic nature"
Víctor Oliveros
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Víctor Oliveros
Business Development Director
Worley's Business Development Director Víctor Oliveros discusses how Worley will target the growing opportunities across Mexico's value…
SERGIO BERISTAIN Founding Partner of Beristain + Asociados
Sergio Beristain
Founding Partner
Beristain + Asociados
"The best positioned companies are those that have worked within the energy industry for a considerable time"
JORGE ALMANZA Director General of ALMU
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Jorge Almanza
Director General
60% of our fleet capacity is used to transport solvents while fuel and lubricants respectively represent 30% and 10%
JOSIE FERNÁNDEZ Global Marketing & Latin America Export Manager of Teadit
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Josei Fernández
Global Marketing & Latin America Export Manager
Research and development, in our view, is the heart of the industry and technological advancement
RAÚL BAZ Director General of Grupo Petroquímico Beta
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Raúl Baz
Director General
Grupo Petroquímico Beta
There will be more gas and oil coming out of the southeast of Mexico, and this is a highly needed development
DANIEL GUTIÉRREZ Director of Pepperl + Fuchs Mexico
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Daniel Gutiérrez
Pepperl + Fuchs Mexico
"Petrochemicals is one of the few sectors in the oil and gas industry that is benefitting from the drop in the prices of crude oil"
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