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The safe and efficient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines involves a complex, careful process at every step of the supply chain. Read more here.
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Constanza Losada
President and Country Manager
Pfizer’s innovations help ensure global health. In the midst of a pandemic, the pharmaceutical company continues to demonstrate leadership.
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Pfizer will temporarily close one of its manufacturing plants to ramp up production, thus decreasing the number of doses sent to Mexico
Mexico to Reach 40 Percent of Vaccinated Adults
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Vaccine rollouts slowed down in June, while the economic reopening and educational activities resumed.
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Mexico’s vaccination campaigns slowed down in June, raising concerns as cases increase.
Patent Waiver Discarded as Vaccine Access Solution
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After many controversies, COVID-19 patent waivers seem to be off the table as a measure to enhance vaccine access. Find out why.
Mexico´s Vaccine Agreements: An Overview
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Mexico has secured a complete COVID-19 vaccine scheme for its entire population. Find out the current progress of vaccination campaigns.
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EMA will evaluate if Olumiant can be used to treat severe cases of COVID-19. Also, how is Mexico doing in vaccination and vaccine arrivals?
Diversifying Vaccine Manufacturing Hubs for Equal Distribution
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As world leaders work to avoid COVID-19 vaccination inequality, some countries introduce traveling measures to stop local outbreaks.
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