Pfizer, Novartis and Roche are among the list of pharmaceuticals actively searching for a possible treatment to end the COVID-19 pandemic
by Miriam Bello
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WHO declared a sanitary emergency due to Coronavirus and its quick spreading. Check out our weekly roundup!
by Miriam Bello
Innovation is at the core of every pharmaceutical company’s success.
R&D investment in life sciences continues unabated, leading to record-level pipelines for new medications.However,smaller returns on investment…
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President and Country Manager of Pfizer Mexico
Pfizer is one of the largest multinational biopharmaceutical corporations in the world. It is headquartered in New York City and in 2018, ranked 57th…
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Rodrigo Puga
President and Country Manager
Pfizer Mexico
Pfizer is a US-based global pharmaceutical company present in over 180 countries with a strong research focus.
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Carlos Pérez
Director General
NYCE is an authorized third party that certifies electronics, medical devices, medicines, information security and food labels.
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