Diversifying Vaccine Manufacturing Hubs for Equal Distribution
Weekly Roundups
As world leaders work to avoid COVID-19 vaccination inequality, some countries introduce traveling measures to stop local outbreaks.
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Austria stops using AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine after the death of a 49-year-old woman. How is Mexico’s vaccination plan going?
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Highlights: AMLO responds to accusations he repressed a women’s rights march. Mexico has access to a new Chinese vaccine.
 CoWomen on Unsplash
Equality at the workplace is still a long road ahead. However, Mexico does have outstanding female leaders in the health sector.
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A year from Mexico’s first COVID-19 case, how is the country’s immunization program going?
Access to Innovation: Pandemic Dispute
Weekly Roundups
The extensive collaboration efforts to develop a vaccine seem to not apply to its distribution. This is the Week in Health!
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After the arrival of new vaccines, Mexico continues with its vaccination program. How is the country doing?
Treatment Access Priority in Mexico
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The Access to Medicine Foundation reveals that Mexico is among the countries with more strategies for therapies access.
Mexico Calls Out Vaccine Monopoly
Weekly Roundups
Fair distribution and cooperation are essential to get over crisis. Are all countries contributing to the same cause?
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