Tokyo stock exchange
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Prices have fallen today after several days of growth. This is a signal of what is to come.
Mexican Pesos
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The latest downgrade comes in the context of COVID-19. Mexico’s reliance on PEMEX still poses a major problem.
 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
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Energy Minister Rocío Nahle successfully defended her country’s interests and produced a victory for Mexico.
Stocks and shares
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Ahead of the OPEC+ meeting, oil prices continue to rise. The market’s hope suggests reductions will be agreed.
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The Mexican Crude Basket regained over 51 percent of its value on Thursday. Now it must carry on.
Stock trading
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Saudi Arabia and Russia have had talks which could see oil production cut by 10MMb/d.
PEMEX storage
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With the world hurtling toward its maximum petroleum storage capacity, how does Mexico’s situation stack up?
Counting Money
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The Mexico crude basket price has reached a 21-year low. Experts are suggesting it can go lower.
Reflection of gas station
Weekly Roundups
The industry in Mexico, like the rest of the world, suffers from the double impact of COVID-19 and extremely low oil prices.
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