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This week, the vaccination of children against COVID-19 was in the spotlight following a Supreme Court decision.
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PROSPERiA raised US$2 million in seed investment to increase the reach of its diagnostic solutions.
Tom Claes en Unsplash
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Regulatory agencies need to update their guidelines for AI-based medical devices to ensure their safety.
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Mexican entrepreneurs share a roadmap to create a local healthtech environment.
Cristina Campero CEO of PROSPERiA
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Cristina Campero
PROSPERiA’s AI-powered diagnostic tools aim to set the foundation of a preventive healthcare culture in Mexico.
Héctor González
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Héctor González
Partner And Co-Founder At Prosperia
Prosperia is a consultancy specialized in market analyses for the commercial and financial feasibility of real estate projects. The firm has…
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