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Weekly Roundups
Mexican investors are increasingly turning to greener energy sources.
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For a long time, Spanish companies have driven investment in Mexico. Now, Santander and Sancus are looking to reverse part of their capital flow.
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico faces an important challenge to continue its economic recovery. Meanwhile, remittances continue to increase.
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Santander’s new LikeU aims to string a chord with increasingly social and environmental minded younger generations.
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The government did not intervene in the election processes in Michoacan, Guerrero. In March, Mexico could break a record for remittances received.
Juana Rodriguez
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Juana Ramírez
Juana Ramirez, President of ASEM, tells MBN about the development of the entrepreneurial landscape in Mexico and the priorities ahead.
Minister of Heath Jorge Alcocer during today's briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 45,361 total deaths and 408,449 positive cases; Jorge Alocer addresses progress on vaccines and warns on reinfections
Sustainable Investment
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Financial indicators are no longer sufficient. New schemes demand a social impact and benefits to the environment.
Gustavo Romero, LendInc
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Gustavo Romero
Director General
As more companies turn to credit amid the pandemic, LendInc’s digital approach has helped it seize these opportunities
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