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Toyota has a new president, Daimler will cease to produce sedans and Groupe PSA fast-tracks online strategy. This is the Week in Automotive!
Alicia Masse Seraph Webinar
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Alicia Masse, Advisor at GlassRatner Capital, addressed the strategies for suppliers to secure liquidity amid challenging financial conditions
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During the webinar, “Leadership Tools to Successfully Navigate Uncertain Times,” Eduardo Solís detailed Mexico’s role in the automotive industry.
Webinar - Seraph
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Industry experts address the state of the automotive industry in North America and the best strategies to successfully navigate uncertain times.
Richard Payne, Seraph, Automotive Industry, Webinar
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In times of crisis, companies, especially in the automotive sector, are faced with the decision of relocating or consolidating their operations
Jan Griffiths, Gravitas Detroit, Seraph, Webinar
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The COVID-19 crisis will highlight strength in leaders, while weak ones will fail
Richard Payne, Jan Griffiths, Seraph, Webinar, Gravitas Detroit
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When a crisis like COVID-19 hits, people have two responses: they can either embrace it and deal with it or freeze
Alicia Masse, Eduardo Solis, Richard Payne, Jan Griffiths, Seraph, Webinar, AMIA, Gravitas Detroit, GlassRatner, Capital Group
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Eduardo Solis and Alicia Masse break down the state of the auto industry in North America amid COVID-19 and USMCA’s new rules of origin.
Ctting costs
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New conditions for the industry in North America have put extra pressure on suppliers to be more cost-efficient. Here are some suggestions.
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