Mexican Companies Increase Spending in IT
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In recognition of needed technological innovation, more than 76 percent of companies actively invested in ICT technology applications.
Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s approach to technology will focus on decreasing the immunity online platforms receive from content posted by users
A Mexican Silicon Valley?
Jalisco’s investment in innovation earned it the title of the Mexican Silicon Valley, with an opportunity to become Latin America’s Silicon Valley.
Lydia Zhang
View from the Top
Lydia Zhang
President and Co-founder
Ridge Security Technology
Ridgebot used artificial intelligence and machinelearning to carry out fully automated security validation.
Hernan Fernandez
Expert Contributor
Hernan Fernandez
Managing Partner
Angel Ventures
Currently, the US, Israel, Europe and Japan are hubs of entrepreneurship, but trends indicate that new hubs are emerging in the world.
Courtney McColgan Founder & CEO at Runa HR
Startup Contributor
Courtney McColgan
Founder and CEO
Runa HR
LATAM not only hosts an amazing market opportunity of 620 million people, but there are many real challenges to solve and solid business opportunities
World Geopolitics
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COVID-19 has endangered the status quo that has dominated the world since 1989.
Mexico's Presidential Plane by Huni
Weekly Roundups
The presidential plane returns to Mexico, unsold. The government announces new sale strategies, including a raffle. This and more here!
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