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PAHO said that 26 out of its 35 members have achieved the highest level of regulation in at least one of the parameters established by the WHO.
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After being recognized by the WHO, President López Obrador’s administration strengthened its tobacco control policies.
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National Lung Cancer Day shines a light on some common activities that contribute to the development of this deadly disease.
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Mexico prepares to address the existing contradiction in the regulation of e-cigarettes and vaping devices.
IMSS Embraces E-Health In Fight Against Smoking
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IMSS and other international institutions launched an e-health project targeting smoking addition in Mexico.
US to Donate 1 million J&J Vaccines to Mexico
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Mexico approved the J&J vaccine this week and will soon receive a large donation of doses from the US
A Killing Habit: Smoking in Mexico
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Cigarettes, vapers, heated tobacco and combustible cigarettes exacerbate Mexico’s already significant health disease burden.
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