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Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson billionaires' race to get to space first is closing down
Weekly Roundups
AICM and the Toluca International Airport now operate under the same digital platform. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Three decades after the launch of the first Mexican satellite, Mexico’s incipient space industry is preparing for takeoff.
Antonio Franco, CEO of SpaceLab
View from the Top
Antonio Franco
Mexican startup revolutionizes drone design as it prepares to enter space sector.
Luis Lizcano, Executive President of FEMIA
View from the Top
Luis Lizcano
Executive President
Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA)
Even though aerospace supply chains were shaken up by the pandemic, Mexican companies might find new opportunities.
Solar system
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Mexico and Argentina join forces to create the Latin America and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE).
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Mexico joins the celebration of World Space Week through events that aim to increase awareness of the benefits of space science in daily life.
Milky way
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Next week, the Mexican Space Agency will host an online event to promote the country’s capabilities in space R&D.
Rocket launch
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The Mexican Space Agency signed a strategic alliance with UNAM for the joint development of space projects and satellites.
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