Operators worldwide are assessing their financial expenditures as they look to protect their position to confront the crisis. Where does Mexico stand?
by Peter Appleby
The collapse of oil prices brings down the Mexican Peso and has a direct impact on PEMEX, private operators and the Mexican economy.
by Jeroen Posma
Hokchi’s mixed success in Mexico demonstrated both the possibilities and risks associated with offshore oil and gas development.
As the development of contracted areas flourishes, the geography of their distribution plays a more important role for the industry.
Zama’s discovery, an incredible success story for the Energy Reform, has become the scene of a reported disagreement.
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Timothy Duncan
Talos Energy
Talos Energy continues on its path towards a production start date with drilling successes and a commitment to Mexico.
Recent criticism of the Energy Reform has ignored the flow of investment that continues to pour into the country, approaching US$2 billion.
Companies participating in Mexico’s oil and gas industry continue to thrive by achieving their long-term goals.
by Pedro Alcalá
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Martin Kobiela
InterMoor Inc.
President Martin Kobiela discusses how they provide added value by improving system communications via intelligent network design.
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