Advances in QC could make the technology available sooner.
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Quantum computers can now fix more errors than they create, advancing the technology toward practical applications.
University building
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By 2040, the university is hoping to have 80 percent of its energy from renewable sources.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Chip shortages affect Nissan, GM, Ford, and Volkswagen production, as Mexican sales plummet 22.6 percent in January. This is the Week in Automotive!
Carlos Miranda - Tec de Monterrey
View from the Top
José Carlos Miranda
Regional Dean of the School of Engineering and Sciences
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Learn more about how Tec de Monterrey is adapting to the needs of the industry while embracing the challenges Gen Z brings.
People in Café
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Mexican University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, placed fifth among Princeton’s Top 50 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship.
Patricio Bichara, Collective Academy
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Patricio Bichara
Collective Academy
Patricio Bichara, CEO of Collective Academy, explains the impact of online education in times of pandemic.
Jesús Cepeda
Startup Contributor
Jesús Cepeda
OS City
Cepeda explains what it is "govtech" and how it can push Mexico’s public sector transformation.
Team Work
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Following the health crisis, organizations have focused on preparing for the new business reality and how to prepare their human capital to face it.
Jorge Eugenio Valdez Dean of the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Jorge Eugenio Valdez
Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
An innovative ecosystem for students is the strategy of TecSalud to have qualified and competitive medical professionals in Mexico.
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