Gino Ferrand, Founder, TECLA
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Gino Ferrand
TECLA gives tech companies access to the most exclusive Latin American tech talent, says Founder, Gino Ferrand.
Survival of the Fittest: The Digital-First Economy
Weekly Roundups
Macroeconomic conditions will choose the winners and losers of Mexico´s technology ecosystem.
Pablo Fajer, Founder, Codifin
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Pablo Fajer
Codifin is on a mission to offer talent the opportunity to upskill for the digital-first economy, says Founder Pablo Fajer.
MCS22-art-02-1000-Attracting and
News Article
The development of internal talent can help companies bridge the existing tech talent deficit.
Seismic Changes Shake Mexico; More About Them in MTF 2022
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s labor shortage paradox, the downside of AI and other recruitment challenges took the spotlight. Find out more and prepare for MTF 2022!
João Nunes
Expert Contributor
João Nunes
Managing Director-Head of Strategic Markets Latam
Businesses are struggling to find skilled talent to fill open positions. João Nunes proposes five steps to address the problem.
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