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Federico de Arteaga
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Cities are a dynamic and simultaneous system where intrinsic, contextual and extrinsic elements are managed, And a new approach is needed.
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Víctor Villalobos said agriculture would be key to recovery during the opening of the virtual World Agrifood Forum.
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Unlike its cousin tequila, mezcal had orders from abroad fall drastically due to the pandemic.
Tequila, Jalisco
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Companies abroad should abide by rules on the use of the Tequila name, the Tequila Regulatory Council demands.
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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and government policy, beer exports have taken a hit.
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The pandemic has impacted mezcal sales. However, the drink has been on the rise for many years.
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The fallout of the tariff war continues to affect US agriculture. Elsewhere, environmental action is stirring up the business as usual . Check out…
Bertha González Nieves
Bertha González Nieves
Co-Founder And Ceo Of Casa Dragones
“Mexico is experiencing a vibrant moment in major aspects. We thought this excitement needed to be transmitted to the tequila industry”
Beer production process
With over 790,000 employees across the country, the food and beverages industry has become an important pillar for the manufacturing sector. Tequila…
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