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Though access to funding may be lacking locally, companies have a great opportunity to tap into the capital they need abroad
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Enrique Margalef
Vander Capital Partners
Vander Capital Partners is a private investment management firm that operates in different sectors.
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Rob Peterman
Vice President of Global Business Development
Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange
TMX Group is ranked ninth in the world, with market capitalization of US$2.3 trillion as of September 2018.
Octavio Alvidrez
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Octavio Alvídrez
Fresnillo is the world’s largest silver producer and Mexico’s largest gold producer. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange
MMF 2019
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Mexico Mining Forum 2019: Bridging Mining Financial Gap through Better Communication panel highlights
David Wolfin
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David Wolfin
President and CEO
Avino Silver & Gold Mines
Avino Silver & Gold Mines operates two silver mines in Mexico with a gold project under development in British Columbia.
Michael Chism
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Michael Chism
Regional Manager North America
AMC and Reflex are technology brands under the umbrella of IMDEX, a leading global mining equipment, technology and services company.
Luis Vázquez
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Luis Vázquez
Chairman of the Board
Grupo Diavaz is a Mexican company focused on exploration and production of oil and gas, marine operations and installations integrity, jointly…
Fernando Pérez
Executive Director
Miners often lack access to funding in the Mexican market and normally choose to list their companies on foreign exchanges, particularly the TSX.
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