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The internet is becoming a hotspot for crime, an emerging drug marketplace and a suicide detonator with young people as the main target, said the SSC
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After Donald Trump’s trial the results ended in prosecution opening the possibilities for him to run again in the next elections.
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Following disagreements with Twitter and Facebook, Ricardo Monreal announced a new plan for Mexican networks.
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss this week’s top stories, including the Mexican Minister of Economy at the WEF and tensions among Big Tech companies.
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After Donald Trump had his account suspended, users in other countries saw their Twitter accounts shut down.
Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s approach to technology will focus on decreasing the immunity online platforms receive from content posted by users
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A Campeche judge has barred construction of the Mayan Train’s second segment.
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Weekly Roundups
Facebook, Twitter and Google are under the scrutiny of US authorities. Technology companies have implemented various tools to combat misinformation
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Weekly Roundups
Five days before the US elections, Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter virtually met with the US Senate to discuss Section 230 of internet legislation
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