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Weekly Roundups
The World Bank’s Global Findex report indicates that bank account ownership sits at 76 percent worldwide.
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Ualá announced Luis Madrazo Lajous as its new Director General in Mexico.
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Weekly Roundups
This week, Mexico’s Minister of Finance participated in the OECD ministers’ meeting, while the country celebrated its trade relationship with China.
Aula Ualá
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Aula Ualá is the new, free-to-use financial education platform for the Mexican population.
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Weekly Roundups
JP Morgan predicts that the global economy will suffer major setbacks.
MBF22-MBN-2022-02-1315-How to Stand out in a Fintech Boom
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While often seen as competitors, banks and fintechs can collaborate to benefit themselves and consumers.
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Weekly Roundups
SHCP announced the introduction of the first environmental, social and governance bond.
Uala Bis
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The Argentinian company announced a new solution for the Mexican market that aims to improve SMEs’ payment options.
Neobanks vs. Traditional Banking: Friends or Foes?
As one of the least banked populations in Latin America, Mexico has attracted the attention of neobanks, challenging traditional banking
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