Policies to Help Promote Employment
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The specialized UN agency ILO creates a data base meant to promote youth employment and increase workplace diversity.
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The UN warns that states and companies have rushed to incorporate AI without exercising due diligence, putting human rights at risk.
Climate Crisis Threatens to Displace 17 million in Latin America
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Without concrete climate action, in the worst-case scenario, an estimated 17 million people in Latin America could be displaced, says World Bank.
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Despite CFE and Mexico City electric mobility efforts , the country lags behind the rest of Latin America in a push for wider e-mobility adoption.
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Global Warming
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A UN report urges countries to take more actions to fight climate change while there is still time to avoid irreversible change.
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In the wake of Indigenous Day, the Director of PAHO urged countries to take measures to help indigenous communities in the wake of COVID-19.
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As interest in sustainable transportation grows, the question of viability remains. Sum4All published a guide to support sustainable mobility.
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UN’s World Hunger report explains the failures and achievements that countries have made to eradicate hunger, with a forecast for 2030.
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