Ross Gordon
Expert Contributor
Ross Gordon
Aquaculture Advisory
Thriving global markets with an appetite for sustainably sourced, quality seafood represent a prime opportunity for Mexico, writes Ross Gordon.
Separon™ Desanders can prove to be an essential tool for operators looking to keep their waterflood injection wells efficient.
Image by Ahmar Ardity from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s economic recovery to slow down in 3Q21. Unemployment withdrawals increased and Evergrande’s downfall impacted the Stock Exchange.
News Article
A recent PEMEX announcement suggests that this controversial extraction technique might become more common.
Nick Grassi
Startup Contributor
Nick Grassi
Finerio Connect
It’s time for the public policy arena to step up and help support the opening of financial infrastructure, writes Finerio’s Nick Grassi.
Robert Perez
View from the Top
Robert Pérez
Region Leader and Vice President for South America and Mexico
Baker Hughes
Pérez talks about Baker Hughes’ upstream activities while also showcasing its downstream work at Dos Bocas.
OPEC headquarters
News Article
OPEC+ has announced plans to move forward with their previously stipulated increase in oil production despite White House calls for an increase.
Mexican Companies Increase Spending in IT
News Article
In recognition of needed technological innovation, more than 76 percent of companies actively invested in ICT technology applications.
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International financial authorities are attending the Federal Reserve meeting. The decisions taken will affect financial markets, says BBVA Research.
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