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The Aluminium Association of Canada expressed disappointment regarding the US’ new tariffs on Canadian aluminum, just after USMCA came into force.
How can apps support hospitals during a pandemic? In this article, experts explain their functionality.
Mexico’s Opportunities And Challenges As A Research Hub
What is Mexico’s potential to become a research hub and how can the country successfully capitalize on this opportunity?
ebol rojas rovesa
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Ebol Rojas
Offshore Services Manager
"The move to Veracruz was motivated by ROVESA’s previously established clients in the ports of Tampico and Altamira."
kansas city southern train
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Despite recent negative results in Mexico’s rail cargo figures, one of the sector’s most prominent players is betting on a brighter future.
Transformative Healthcare Reforms Despite COVID-19
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Despite the global pandemic, long time epidemics such as obesity must still be addressed in the country.
The Role Of Influenza In Facing Covid-19
Comparing influenza and COVID-19 has been inevitable. However, there can be many approaches to do so.
giuseppe campanelli
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Giuseppe Campanelli
President North and Central America
Metso Outotec
Mexico will be part of a larger family, from Canada to Panama, responsible for the success of each of its members.
Mariano Martin  Director of Research and Practice LATAM at Wolters Kluwer
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Mariano Martin
Director of Research and Practice LATAM
Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer offers quality material for ongoing medical formation, breaking learning barriers for medical staff
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