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As the electricity sector prepares for the arrival of new regulations, experts in the field promote the legal resources available to operators.
Alessio Hagen Director of Digital Cities for Latin America at Dell Technologies
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Alessio Hagen
Director of Digital Cities for Latin America
Dell Technologies
Digital cities are transforming peoples’ lives. How can they boost health access in an unequal country?
Weekly Roundups
The NOC will no longer hold a contract with the renowned credit rating agency. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Weekly Roundups
Catch up with the week’s most important agriculture news. Don’t miss your weekly Agribusiness and Food roundup!
COVID-19 Passport Threatens to Worsen Inequality
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Vaccine distribution keeps evidencing global inequality and countries could take measures that might worsen this scenario.
The Effects of Patient Empowerment
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Sustainable heathy outcomes depend on patients’ commitment. How can the industry promote this?
Maribel Colin
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Maribel Colín
Mexico Sales Manager
RelyOn Nutec
"We also cannot expect other industries to be as strictly regulated in matters of safety as the oil and gas industry."
Mexico to Improve Women’s Labor Rights
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Mexico has improved labor conditions for women. However, payment equality needs regulation to thrive.
Access to Innovation: Pandemic Dispute
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The extensive collaboration efforts to develop a vaccine seem to not apply to its distribution. This is the Week in Health!
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