Paulina Aguilar Vela
Startup Contributor
Paulina Aguilar Vela
Co-Founder & CRO
High inflation and a possible economic recession have tightened the belts of startups. Paulina Aguilar has some tips to face this period.
Fabrice Serfati
Expert Contributor
Fabrice Serfati
General Partner & Managing Director
IGNIA Partners
Latin America has proven resilient through many economic crises. This is the time to continue building startup value, writes Fabrice Serfati.
Jesus Ramon, General Director Mexico, Tinsa
View from the Top
Jesus Ramon
General Director Mexico
As Tinsa explores new commercial sectors, it sees opportunities in Mexico’s resilient market, says General Director Jesus Ramon.
Image by EdWhiteImages from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
Mexican investors are increasingly turning to greener energy sources.
Tech Stocks Slump
News Article
Tech stocks backslide after an investor sell-off during early trading yesterday.
News Article
Since its debut in 2016, Kavak has grown to become Mexico’s first tech unicorn. What are the next steps for the firm?
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