Javier Castañeda
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Javier Castañeda
Sales General Manager
Javier Castañeda discusses the multiple uses and benefits that Calidra’s lime and calcium offers various industries.
Luiz Camargo
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Luiz Camargo from Minera Cuzcatlán explains the future of its San José mine exploration program in Oaxaca and the promise it holds.
Miguel Ángel Pérez
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Miguel Angel Perez
Operations Director
Miguel Angel Perez explains the challenges related to water availability and why Aquafim’s solutions are ideal for lixiviation mining.
Diego Torroella.
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Diego Torroella
Diego Torroella discusses the importance of conceptual planning for a mining operation and how TAKRAF assists its client in the planning phase.
Construction near Water
News Article
The Spanish firm will construct a plant in Los Cabos alongside La Peninsular Compañia Constructora
News Article
Droughts will likely mean an increase in basic grain imports next year.
Grapes on vine
Weekly Roundups
Mexican wines continue to surpass expectations on the international stage.
grupo gap fraga
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Gabino Fraga
Founder and Partner
Grupo GAP
Miners have to articulate a position and communicate it to Congress so that refrorms are appropriate to the industry’s reality.
Raúl Morales Escalante, President of the Mexican Geohydrological Association (ACMX)
Expert Contributor
Raúl Morales
Mexican Geohydrological Association (AGMX)
Water supply management must be viewed objectively and without passion on the part of actors. It is the only way to preserve this valuable resource.
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