Water pipe
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The El Cuchillo II aqueduct will assure the water supply for Nuevo Leon as well as reactivate the construction sector, CMIC stated.
President López Obrador
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AMLO will present a proposal for the National Guard to completely depend on SEDENA/More water drill machines arriving to rescue trapped mine workers.
President López Obrador
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COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise/Nuevo Leon’s government is seeking agreements with companies to solve water scarcity in the state
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CMIC considers this billionaire investment as unprecedented and estimated that it will significantly boost the sector.
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Sustainable strategies and trade agreements can uplift the industry
Lack of Access to Clean Water Threatens Public Health
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About 25 percent of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water, say WHO and UNICEF.
Environmental Issues Impact Human Health
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Due to their close link, environmental issues affect human health outcomes in Mexico and abroad.
Enrique Rodríguez
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Enrique Rodríguez Aréchiga
Co-Founder and CFO
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Water scarcity is a multidimensional problem but entrepreneurs around the world are making a difference through innovation.
water scarcity
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Water is essential to follow the Ministry of Health’s instructions to prevent contagion. Scarcity, however, is an ongoing problem across the country.
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