crude oil well
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Hokchi’s modification includes rescheduled activities, mainly in the drilling of wells, due to equipment issues.
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In light of recent reforms and in line with the industry’s evolution, a synergy between HR and HSE strategies are more important than ever.
Murphy rig
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Murphy is set to drill the Tulum-1EXP well in the Salina Basin off the coast of Tasbaco where it hopes to locate unrisked mean resources of 152MMb.
Salazar & AMLO
As the Zama debacle comes to a close, it is hoped the 880MMboe field can finally start contributing to Mexico’s production output.
PEMEX workers
Weekly Roundups
Unionized salary negotiations and Mexico’s oil production recovery are among this week’s top stories!
Gabriel Gomez
View from the Top
Gabriel Gomez
Mexico Country Manager
Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy Oil Corporation’s Gabriel Gomez discusses the company’s subsalt prospect in Block 5 and how it plans to achieve success there.
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Despite its financial difficulties, the NOC has consolidated its achievements in exploration
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Both companies have until March 25 to reach an agreement on the operation of the Zama’s project.
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Find out about the big news in oil and gas this week.
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