Maternal Mortality: An Urgent Problem
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Maternal mortality is the second leading cause of death for women of reproductive age; COVID-19 worsens the risk.
Diplomacy Can Also Solve A Health Crisis
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Unity and collaboration have been banners in the fight against COVID-19, and remain so a year into the pandemic.
Women’s Health Fight
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8M is International Women’s Day. MBN presents the challenges women face in accessing equal healthcare.
Period Poverty: A Proposition For Public Health
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Moving toward breaking stigmas, Michoacán approves the #MenstruaciónDigna law for public schools.
How Has COVID-19 Impacted Breast Cancer Care?
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UK study highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer patients.
October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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How can breast cancer be prevented and what are the steps to follow to enjoy a healthy life?
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Mauricio Mendieta
Director General
Gedeon Richter
Fertility control, menopause management, gynecological therapy and medical devices are the new attractive areas for Gedeon Richter.
by Ginequito
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Rafael Caso
Medical Director
The experience of Ginequito on medical care for woman has allowed the hospital to grow on infrastructure and services to keep improving their services
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