Distributed Generation
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With utility-scale facing a slowdown due to adverse energy policy, distributed generation for C&I faces unprecedented growth in Mexico.
Much has been said about the use of fuel oil in Mexico. Examining the issue paints a clearer picture.
Minimizing Financial Legal and Operational Risk in the New Normal
Panelists at Mexico Oil & Gas Summit discussed the relative centrality of PEMEX to the question of risk factors surrounding the industry.
MOGS 2020
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Day 2 of MOGS continues with the panel discussion titled "Minimizing Financial, Legal and Operational Risk in the New Normal"
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The solar tender to solve Baja California’s energy shortage is being challenged by SENER, which aimed for CFE to build a power plant there.
Platforms Ellen and Elly offshore near Long Beach, Calif in BSEE’s Pacific Region
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Low prices have taken billions of oil barrels off the table. Still, further development is needed.
Solar Panels
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Although COVID-19 could lead to a serious recession in Mexico, its untapped solar potential could see a boost caused by indirect effects.
snr crude processing
With a new focus on achieving energy sovereignty, PEMEX’s Industrial Transformation will need to step up and play a crucial role.
Ixchel Castro
View from the Top
Ixchel Castro
Manager of Oil and Refining Markets for Latin America
Wood Mackenzie
Wood Mackenzie’s Ixchel Castro gives us her specialist views on the role that Dos Bocas will play in Mexico’s refining fuel.
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