Maite Delgadillo
Expert Contributor
Maite Delgadillo
Director of People, Experience and Services
Scania Mexico
What does diversity and inclusion really entail? Human resources professional Maite Delgadillo has a few thoughts.
Women in the Workforce
News Article
Increasing women’s participation in the workforce would add about US$800 billion to the country’s GDP.
With an end to the pandemic in sight, companies are asking their employees to go back to the office, which is leading many of them to quit
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The company’s 2020 Responsible Gold Mining Report outlines its 2020 ESG performance and goals for 2021.
Digitalization at offices
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The need for finding technologically qualified workers continues to grow, both in large corporations and in SMEs.
 Federico Cantú
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The OECD and the World Bank urge Latin America and Caribbean countries to invest more intelligently in their health workers.
MTF 2019
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Mexico Talent Forum 2019: Economic Downturns, Migrating Employees Into Flexibility panel highlights
MAAF 2017
News Article
Mexico Aerospace Forum 2017: Generating Aerospace Human Capital panel highlights
Gabriel Alvarado
View from the Top
Gabriel Alvarado
LATAM & Caribbean Vice President and General Manager
Kronos is a US-based company that offers workforce management solutions for a variety of industries
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