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Work-Technology Collision Gives Rise to New Market Trends

By Antonio Gozain | Fri, 08/19/2022 - 11:00

Q: How has Kelly consolidated its presence in Mexico over the past 30 years?

A: Kelly has been operating globally for over 75 years. Founded in the US, we arrived in Mexico over 30 years ago. The company is experienced in specialized services and has followed changes in the regulatory framework of the country. One of our main advantages is that we were already offering specialized services for different industries.

Kelly’s portfolio in Mexico is strong. We attract talent through direct hire solutions in three variants: light industrial talent, technical professional talent and highly specialized talent. We also develop specialized services focused on HR and other operations within industries. Kelly can execute processes in which organizations may feel less knowledgeable. We also are an expert company in specialized services with the main focus on the development of solutions related to human resources functions, operational functions and administrative functions in which organizations may feel less knowledgeable, this solutions are based on 4 pillars: strict adherence to regulatory frameworks, integration of adequate talent, development of best processes and focus on continuous improvement

Q: What are the main benefits of externalizing processes?

A: Externalizing processes is important for companies of all sizes, allowing them to better focus their resources. No company can claim to be an expert in everything. Working directly with experts in different processes helps companies to bring best practices home and improve their internal structure.

Kelly has perfectly defined methodologies to assess the current conditions of a company and execute the processes that they have decided to outsource because they are not part of their core business. We operate with the best talent, best practices and continuous improvement.

Q: What are the main challenges and opportunities within the talent acquisition sector in Mexico?

A: The world changed after the pandemic, which disrupted all kinds of organizations, companies and talent. Mexico always had a talent challenge, lacking specialists in several areas. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is related to knowledge and technology. Mexico is a technology consumer but not globally recognized as a technology developer. Private sector, academia and government still face several challenges in education and the country is perceived as a manufacturer instead of a developer.

Q: How does Kelly promote inclusion?

A: The world of talent is evolving. Kelly's purpose is to connect talent with work in a way that enriches people's lives. We are champions of talent at all times and we open the doors to opportunities for employers who seek them. Kelly distinguishes itself by taking diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to another level.

Work teams must be diverse. At Kelly, we understand that these issues should not be handled as a program but as part of our code of ethics. This approach allows us to open the doors to anyone regardless of their education, age, origin, gender, sexual preferences and background. We are open to anyone who does not have a criminal record of any serious crime.

Q: How does Kelly help candidates to get jobs that connect with their values and expectations?

A: Compensation is essential for talented workers but companies must understand that they must adopt nontraditional, flexible working modalities. Work can be done from anywhere and work-life balance is essential.

Modern employees need soft skills, problem-solving capabilities, emotional intelligence and discipline. They must also be capable of working in teams and be willing to learn at all times. It is necessary to promote collaboration and recognition among people.

Q: Recently, Kelly was recognized as a “Super Company for Women.” How has gender equality advanced in Mexico and how does Kelly promote it?

A: Kelly was honored with that recognition, which motivates us to keep improving the organization. From our origins, we developed solutions for specialized talent. Over 60 percent of those on our team are women.

Mexico still has a lot of work to do on gender equality. Only three out of every 10 companies in the country can be considered inclusive and few have a DEI strategy. Women represent a very important labor force in Mexico and significantly contribute within organizations, balancing the companies' vision. We believe that bringing more female talent into the organization makes us better, stronger and allows us to compete internally.

Q: How does Kelly help companies’ HR departments to digitize operations in today’s data-driven culture?

A: Work and technology are colliding in unprecedented ways, resulting in significant new market trends. As an industry and as an organization, we are in uncharted waters. The way work gets done is changing rapidly, as is the way in which talent is brought into an organization. Every company needs to view talent as customers, not candidates, to find the right candidate that fits perfectly with their culture.

More people are bringing their consumer expectations to work, demanding effortless recruiting experiences with regular communication, especially in today's labor market. This is an opportunity for companies to look for a more holistic way of making things happen, which is where a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution can make a difference. Through a well-designed recruitment process that shortens time cycles, creates a great candidate experience and makes decisiones based on real-time data, Kelly evaluates candidates for fit, moving the right applicants seamlessly through the process and reducing pressure on hiring managers.

Q: How does Kelly work to offer tailor-made RPO solutions?

A: Kelly’s solutions target the four priorities of the talent supply chain of any organization: value, quality, speed and compliance. We are a true partner in RPO and will design a customized solution that fits a company’s needs for end-to-end solutions, modular services that work seamlessly with internal processes, project-based services and other long-term solutions. We help clients whether they want to supplement their talent acquisition team or to outsource all to us. There is no set blueprint with us. Just customized, smart solutions that actually work.

Q: Considering the nearshoring boom, what are the main challenges to retain senior and C-suite talent?

A: Companies from the US, China, Germany, Canada, Denmark and France have begun to relocate operations to Mexico. The Latin American country could consolidate itself as a leader for nearshoring in North America but to do so a shift in workplace culture is necessary and organizations must evolve to remain competitive, profitable and attractive to top talent.

During 1H22, Kelly surveyed C-suite leaders, board members, department heads, directors and managers in 12 countries and 10 industries. The main conclusion is that most senior leaders plan to join “the Great Resignation” due to several factors, including dissatisfaction in their roles, lack of confidence in their employer, hybrid work and the hiring of nonpermanent talent, among other challenges.

Q: What strategies should companies implement to retain senior and C-suite talent?

A: The thriving organizations that are improving their employee well-being, productivity and revenue have taken a different approach to culture, technology and talent management based on four key dynamics:

  • Strengthening workforce agility, encouraging the use of contingent workers and project-based workers and fully outsourcing services.
  • Taking concrete action on DEI to make and create an inclusive workplace environment.
  • Reinventing the employee experience by becoming an organization that respects employees.
  • Adopting the right tools and technologies to empower today’s workforce.

When these four dynamics are embraced together, businesses across productive sectors can better attract, retain and motivate talent to meet their business goals.


Kelly® connects talented people to companies that need their skills. We’re always thinking about what’s next in the evolving world of work, and helping people ditch the script on old ways of thinking to embrace the value of all workstyles in the workplace. Every day, we make connections that both today’s workers and forward-looking companies need to empower their own growth and advancement. Our solutions include direct placement, strategic specialized services in human resources (RPO, PPO, MSP) and outsource of operative and administrative processes (BPS) with an expertise of +75 years globally and +30 years in Mexico.

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