Mario Maldonado
Country Manager
Juniper Networks
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One Operating System, Three Distinct Advantages

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 09:24

Q: Who are your main clients and industries?

A: Our main customer base is in the service operators market, which accounts for almost 70 percent of our total revenue; the remaining 30 percent is in the enterprise and government segments. Other key clients are Internet 2.0 companies.

Q: What benefits do customers derive from Juniper’s products like Junos OS and Junosphere Cloud?

A: Juniper is unique in the industry: it has only one operating system, Junos OS, for its entire equipment portfolio. Junos has three main advantages. First, users only need to learn and train in one single language to manage and configure all the elements in their network. Second, we release our OS upgrades every quarter. Finally, over these platforms we can develop apps from third parties, meaning that if a user requires additional functionalities that Juniper has not yet developed, we provide Software Development Kits. This provides the end user with a great deal of flexibility. For a data center, instead of having multiple people managing the network, a reduced team can develop its own tools and do not need to perform processes that are not useful. Junosphere Cloud is a virtual enrviorment where users can run networks that use the Junos OS.