Marco Jiménez
Director General
Lenovo México
View from the Top

Scalability Democratizes Technology, Innovation

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 12:38

Q: What characteristics of the Mexican market have positioned it as a reference for Lenovo?

A: Mexico is among the 10 most important countries in Lenovo’s strategy. These 10 countries attract the majority of our investment in marketing, commercial efforts, product development and everything necessary to create and develop a market. We also have a production plant in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, that supplies desktop and server equipment from our commercial line to the entire continent. We see Mexico as one of the strongest economies in Latin America, which provides us with the security to make decisions regarding investment. 
Q: What added value can Lenovo offer to the industry?

A: Our commercial office in Mexico is divided into three large segments. First, the household and consumer segments, which we cover through retailers. It represents between 60 and 65 percent of our market. Second, the SMEs segment, through which we offer computer and data centers at attractive prices with financial solutions to reduce the technology gap. Third, the corporate and government segments, where we offer customized solutions regarding tablets, servers, PCs and storage systems. One of Lenovo’s competitive advantages in its global operations is that it has the largest hardware portfolio in the industry. 
Q: How does Lenovo maintain a business model that makes technology available at affordable prices?

A: Our strategy is not to be a cheap brand but one that offers an interesting cost-benefit to the consumer. Our formula is innovation at an affordable price. We are looking for new technology launches, such as virtual reality devices, ultra-books and convertible PCs entering the market at very high prices. Through scalable models and volume, we can offer affordable prices, resulting in the democratization of technologies and innovation. 

Q: What is the future of distribution in Mexico?

A: The large retail segment, in its different formats (specialized stores, department stores, furniture stores and supermarkets) has become stronger, especially in markets like Latin America. Lenovo reaches SMEs through 10,000 retailers in Mexico. In parallel, e-commerce is growing fast. We have noticed that consumers feel more comfortable buying technology through our website. 

Q: Which Mexican industrial sectors are interested in Lenovo’s solutions?

A: We have a great deal of experience in the public sector and we are greatly improving our presence in private industry. We are focused on growing in sectors like banking and finance, private and public education, retail and health. We also offer innovative business models, such as leasing and hardware as a service, because sometimes companies prefer to invest their CAPEX in their core business and use technology as a service.
Q: What type of solutions does Lenovo offer to the government?

A: The Mexican government has chosen a model that we consider a pioneer in the region: administrated service. Knowing the difficulties in resource management, the government hired an integral service provider that offers the installation, maintenance and support for every workplace. This model has led institutions to a more efficient expenditure and investment. Our business partners are integrating our hardware into that model.
Q: What are Lenovo’s goals for the near term?

A: First, we must continue growing at a double-digit pace annually. Build the brand is one of our priorities. We want to position Lenovo as a premium and innovative brand and continue to work with our business partners to expand in the private sector and education segments. In addition, we want to enter the emerging technology market and open new categories that help us grow AI and virtual and augmented reality. We also want to establish long-term relationships with our distributors, retailers and with our overall channel ecosystem. Last but not least, customer experience is a big focus area in our strategy.