The Impact of Israeli Innovation on the Dairy Industry
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The Impact of Israeli Innovation on the Dairy Industry

Photo by:   Lior Yafe
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By Lior Yafe - Embassy of Israel in Mexico
Economic Counselor


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic having a considerable impact on most industries, the dairy sector has emerged resilient. Today, Israel boasts the highest milk production per cow, making it a true model of success for farmers around the world thanks to its effective breeding policies and the implementation of disruptive solutions.

The history of the Israeli dairy sector is closely linked to the founding and growth of the state. Explaining the outstanding results achieved by Israeli dairy cows, referred to as "world champions” for their milk production, is not possible without relating them to the entrepreneurial spirit, organization and constant search for innovative alternatives of the first settlers who arrived in the country from the end of the 19th century and that continues to this day.

Annual production in Israel is 1.3 billion liters of milk and the value of processed products reaches US$2.6 million. Milk is marketed within a system of "monthly installments," where the base price reflects the average cost of production plus a return on the invested capital and social charges and is set with the agreement of the producers, the dairy industry and government.

Israel has two production systems: the Kibbutz, which are large collective dairy farms, and the Moshav, which are private, family-owned dairy units. The Israel Dairy Board, collectively owned by the government of Israel, the main companies of the sector and the farmers themselves, supervises all dairy production in the country.

The rise of the Israeli dairy industry lies in the use of computerized milking and feeding systems, as well as cow cooling systems, combined with careful breeding and smart production management techniques. Similarly, the promotion of genetic improvement was key and gave rise to the Israeli Holstein cow.

Today, Israeli technologies are strengthening and boosting the sector by offering complete turnkey solutions with first-class milk processing technologies. There are also non-antibiotic treatments  for mastitis in dairy cows and the use of acoustic pulse technology to treat inflammatory diseases. At the same time, there are automated managing processes and monitoring of cows and identification of animals, among others.

The Israel Commercial Office in Mexico had the opportunity to be present at the Sixth National Dairy Forum, taking advantage of the space to promote the best practices that Israel has to offer in the matter. The meeting is an example of the commitment between both nations to improve practices in the field and face the challenges of today.

Israel's success story is a model for dairy companies around the world. Its commercial attachés work to facilitate foreign investment and establish strategic alliances with foreign companies.

Photo by:   Lior Yafe

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