Airbus to Expand Operations in Queretaro
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Airbus to Expand Operations in Queretaro

Photo by:   Airbus
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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 07/19/2022 - 15:07

During the Farnborough International Airshow, Airbus Helicopters signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Queretaro to expand the industrial activities of Airbus in Mexico, informed the French company.

“We are excited about this project that will surely boost the development of our region. Airbus has been a great ally of Queretaro for many years and we want to maintain and grow the great relationship between both parties,” said Governor Mauricio Kuri González.

The new industrial expansion will generate 200 new jobs and support the increase in the production of doors for single-aisle aircraft. Airbus’s plant in Queretaro currently produces emergency, cargo and bulk doors for single-aisle jets, as well as subassemblies for helicopter parts.

“Airbus Helicopters’ supply chain has a solid, ambitious transformation plan to achieve the excellence expected by its customers, both local and international, and our manufacturing operations in Queretaro are part of this journey,” said Laurent Mazoué, Executive Vice President of Operations, Airbus Helicopters. "This agreement gives us the possibility of improving our manufacturing facilities and thus optimizing costs and maintenance, while maintaining workload continuity to best serve our customers," he added.

With the presence of OEMs such as Airbus and Bombardier, in addition to global giants like Safran and over 90 supplier companies, Queretaro has become the hub for the Mexican aerospace industry. “Aerospace provides an added value to Queretaro and it is important for us to continue providing these companies with the certainty they require to continue growing and evolving in the state. All our efforts focus on attracting, maintaining and expanding investments in Queretaro. The future is bright for the aerospace industry in Queretaro,” said to MBN Marco Antonio Del Prete, Minister of Sustainable Development of Queretaro.

Airbus has been operating in Mexico for 40 years and currently employs over 600 people. The company’s plant in Queretaro, which started production in 2013, employs 370 people and produces about 4,000 plane doors every year. “In Mexico, we found a competitive and flexible environment so we decided to build more diversified products. After the pandemic, we also recognized the importance of having a competitive, resilient setup that can be adapted to the customer's needs,” said to MBN Ricardo Capilla, CEO, Airbus Mexico. “We want to show Mexico that we are here for the long term. The country is not only a place to sell our products; it is a place where we can contribute to society,” he added.

Photo by:   Airbus

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