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Chihuahua and Sonora: Key Players in Mexico’s Aerospace Industry

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 06/17/2021 - 17:50

This week, aerospace experts discuss the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico for the aerospace industry. Kaman’s Luis Ramírez talks about the advantages of operating in Chihuahua, Javid LLC’s Joshua Rubin explains the impacts of the USMCA on Sonora’s aerospace industry and Incora’s Jaime Gutierrez highlights the advantages the company has found in Chihuahua.

Also, Alberto Robles from General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro creates a ten-point guide to optimize supply chains in the post-pandemic world.

Buckle up! This and more in your weekly aerospace roundup!


Mexico at the Center of the Aerospace Industry: Luis Ramírez, Plant General Manager at Kaman

While the federal government has not shown interest in Mexico’s aerospace sector, Chihuahua is becoming stronger by diversifying its processes and including more companies into the supply chain, explains Ramírez. The state is now considered safer than before, becoming even more attractive to companies and investors. “People who now come to Chihuahua never experience any act of violence or any incident that would affect their trust in the city.” Read more here!

USMCA, Renewed Interest in Mexico Set to Spark Aerospace Industry: Joshua Rubin, Vice President of Javid LLC

Sonora offers numerous advantages to aerospace companies, such as proximity to the US and a close relationship with Arizona that permits more trade opportunities, explains Rubin. “With the USMCA and the renewed interest in Mexico, I can see the aerospace industry just booming. When aerospace suppliers start moving into Mexico, the sector will see more competition, which in turn will increase supply and demand.” Read more here!

How to create a Winning Supply Chain in a Post-Pandemic World: Alberto Robles, LatAm Strategic Supply Chain Manager at General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro (GEIQ)

Robles explains the impact of COVID-19 on global industries, particularly when it comes to supply chains. “What can we do to achieve supply chain de-risking and how can we win in the post-pandemic world?” Find the answer in this must-read ten-point guide. 

One Point of Contact for the Entire Supply Chain: Jaime Gutierrez, Operations of SSC & Senior Supply Chain Manager at Incora

Chihuahua has been strategic for Incora’s development, explains Gutierrez, due to its strong automotive and aerospace industries. He also highlights the state’s role in Mexico’s export industry. Incora offers several logistics solutions with inventory management services that incorporate technology and process discipline and a web-based system that provides a chemical life cycle management platform for highly regulated industries, among other solutions. Read more here!

Photo by:   Stefan Fluck, Unsplash
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