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Strategies to Guarantee Recovery in Aerospace Sector

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 05/20/2021 - 15:51

This week, Jorge Gutiérrez de Velasco, Dean at the Aeronautical University of Queretaro (UNAQ), highlights the role of the Aeronautical and Space Strategic Agenda of Higher Education Institutions 2030 as an ignitor of possible growth in the industry. Claire Barnouin, Executive Director at the Monterrey Aerocluster, explains the strategies implemented by the cluster to ameliorate the effects of the pandemic and create further growth in Nuevo Leon’s aerospace industry.

The Cross Border Xpress, the bridge that connects Tijuana´s International Airport to the US, has been approved for an expansion that aims to streamline passenger flow. In other news, an audit of Seneam’s selection process revealed some discrepancies.

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COMEA Is the Education Counterpart the Aerospace Sector Needs: Jorge Gutiérrez de Velasco, Rector at the Aeronautical University of Queretaro

Gutiérrez de Velasco emphasizes the importance of the Aeronautical and Space Strategic Agenda of the Higher Education Institutions 2030, a document that is currently in development but incorporates a top-level strategic plan. The core objective of this Strategic Agenda is to propose high-impact projects for Mexico’s higher education. Through these projects, Queretaro and Mexico’s aerospace sector would benefit from a trained, knowledgeable workforce that generates growth. He urges industry experts to join forces in this initiative. Read more here!

Cluster Reinvents Itself in the Wake of COVID-19: Claire Barnouin, Executive Director at the Monterrey Aerocluster 

Barnouin details the strategies implemented by the aerocluster to recover from the pandemic-induced sales decline. Monterrey Aerocluster created three action lines to become a business catalyst and generate new opportunities. It is now reaching out to other organizations in a variety of fields to gain benefits for its members. 

Monterrey Aerocluster has also implemented several strategies to train talent as a way to support the needs of the local industry when it comes to human capital. According to Barnouin, the creation of a strong alliance has also allowed the state to become an attractive investment destination. Read more here!


 Audit of Seneam’s Processes Highlights Discrepancies

An audit of the Navigation Services for the Mexican Air Space (Seneam) pointed to errors and discrepancies in the selection processes for its Training Courses for Air Traffic Controllers and Operations Officer Training. The audit points out that hiring requirements are not being met, English proficiency tests have not been passed or taken and age requirements are not being fulfilled. Read more here!

CBX To Go Through Major Expansion

The expansion of the Cross Border Xpress (CBX), a pedestrian border bridge that connects the US to the Tijuana International Airport has been approved by California, US. This is a project that includes a 646 m2 expansion of the Cross Border Police processing area, to create better passenger flow. Mexican authorities expect the project to be completed by December 2022. Future expansions include a parking lot with the capacity to house up to 2,240 parking spots, 170 new hotel rooms, a gas station and retail shops. Read more here!

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