Jose Torres
Aerospace PLM Manager
Tata Technologies

From Dream To Flight And Beyond

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 15:37

The aerospace industry is emerging as a perfect example of growth, foreign investment attraction, and job creation in Mexico, despite it being a relatively young market. The country is quickly improving its aerospace manufacturing capabilities and driving success, including an average export growth of 20 percent between 2013-2015, job creation at 63,000 as of 2016 and up to US$6 billion in direct foreign investment flows in 2015 alone. With a strong presence in Mexico and access to aerospace, aviation and defense experts across the globe, Tata Technologies is among those moving the industry forward.

Founded in 1989, Tata Technologies is a global provider of comprehensive services for the aerospace industry. The company assists clients by focusing on five key elements of the aerospace engineering process: premarket, concept and feasibility studies; industrialization; manufacturing support; test and certification; and sales and aftermarket service. Each element includes a variety of components covering everything from concept to creation and validation.

“Since Tata Technologies joined FEMIA in 2007, we have been steadily developing relationships with key players in the aero industry and are helping them realize better products through innovative processes,” says Jose Torres, Aerospace PLM Manager at Tata Technologies. “We have been able to train a more specialized workforce that serves the aero industry in Mexico.”

While the rapid growth of Mexico’s aerospace industry has contributed to job creation and economic growth, it has simultaneously created a gap in the supply chain. As the number of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers has increased, the development of Tier 2 and 3 suppliers has not kept the same pace. “I believe in the coming months and years ahead, you’ll start to see more Tier 2 and 3 suppliers establish themselves in Mexico,” says Torres. “Those suppliers are going to have needs for software, training, process development, certification support, MRO and much more, and when they do, we want to help make them successful by leveraging our 28 years of expertise.”

Tata Technologies’ key areas of expertise include aero structures, aero interiors, aero systems and aftermarket services. The company provides unique access to the Tata Ecosystem wherein Tata companies have been able to achieve global quality and cost benchmarks with a strategic focus on increasing indigenous production development and transfer of technology in the aviation sector.

Tata Technologies has partnered with several leading aerospace and defense companies globally to help them foster innovation, address major business challenges and thrive in the market. “We have been able to become a true partner for our clients. We like to take the time to understand the companies’ business challenges, objectives and ultimately what they want to accomplish. This allows us to formulate a well-tailored plan that is specific to the client and gives us a clear picture of the resources and requirements we need to bring to the table,” says Torres.

In one instance, Tata Technologies saved a company 40 percent in implementation costs by providing comprehensive solutions for MRO. The client had challenges designing a maintenance fixture that would give them a reduced stripping cycle time as well as validating horizontal stripping. Tata Technologies was able to design the fixture for the new engine, complete finite element analysis to evaluate its effectiveness and provide support during the manufacturing and commissioning processes. “Our clients have a variety of needs, and we make it easier to partner with us by providing end-to-end solutions. We create long- term partnerships because our offerings are so extensive and we’re dedicated to client success,” says Torres.