Pedro Garza
Director Solution Engineers
Epicor Latin America
View from the Top

Data Accessibility at Every Level

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 11:30

Q: What is the scope of Epicor’s presence in manufacturing processes and aftermarket services?

A: Epicor has positioned itself as an automotive supplier for Tier 2 and Tier 3 enterprises. Incorporating best practices that focus on the automotive industry has helped our consolidation. We have a detailed e-catalog that features car parts, producers and distributors. Merging electronic data interchange into our services is part of our strategy as they are used for demand and purchase planning, and purchase contracts. Epicor is aiming for cloud service generation with a hybrid physical component to ensure purchases between enterprises and their suppliers are safe and transparent with an adequate level of encryption. This hybrid cloud would allow enterprises to determine levels of transparency for their information, making sure that sensitive data such as financial information is secured in their own servers. Epicor also offers a service model for enterprises that do not wish to invest large amounts in hardware and software but need to start operating to fulfill client demands. Additionally, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services comply with the highest quality standards. Epicor has implemented aerospace standards in the automotive industry, vastly increasing our product’s quality. Our technological solutions combined with an extensive portfolio have become popular among our targeted Tier 2 and 3 enterprises in the automotive industry.

Q: What differentiates Epicor from its competitors?

A: Information standardization in Epicor’s software is developed on a .net framework that most college graduates know how to operate. Offering open-source standards facilitates interaction with any IT platform. Part of our software’s added value is its focus on manufacturing processes and its user-friendliness. The total cost of ownership is competitive as it includes software licensing, consultancy services, hardware, implementation and maintenance services.

Q: What characterizes Epicor’s vision for product and service innovation?

A: Epicor is working on the automation and digitalization of information. Cross-docking systems that inform suppliers of production rhythm and product consumption will improve an enterprise’s operations. Companies will be able to deliver provisions automatically through an open contract, bypassing the need for purchasing orders. Eventually, the value chain will be managed interactively.

Epicor wants to promote technological development that can lead to green enterprises. We have developed software called Mattec, which helps enterprises become more efficient and sustainable. Mattec measures the company’s impact on the environment through their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Q: What challenges does Epicor foresee in developing innovative techniques?

A: Like all ERP sellers in the Mexican market, we constantly face the challenge of updating and maintaining taxrelated components in our software. Tax regulations in Mexico change every year so updating a software’s fiscal components becomes a priority. These updates are complicated by the numerous free-trade agreements that allow production to be externalized. Clauses must be included in the software for the system to adapt automatically if corporations decide to outsource operations abroad. Another challenge we face is making sure our products work on mobile devices. Usually our clients review their company reports and documents on their smartphones or tablets so we need to provide solutions that facilitate immediacy of information. Epicor has developed several mobile tools and will continue improving the functionality of its current products. We need to keep updating mobile solutions to ensure compatibility with iOS, Android devices and any new platform launched by major industry players.