Octavio Azcoitia
President and Director General
View from the Top

Different Markets, Same Quality

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 13:17

Q: How is OSRAM improving both the quality and efficiency of its LED products and laser technology?

A: As one of the leading solid-state lighting manufacturers, OSRAM’s global R&D centers are constantly working on laser-based solutions for automotive applications. The core concept of Laser Activated Remote Phosphor (LARP) technology is the combination of blue high-powered laser pump sources, directed at a phosphor converter to create high-luminance white light. Tiny optics can then be designed, paving the way for revolutionary headlamp designs. Our centers developed an energy-efficient Joule LED headlamp system that uses less energy than standard halogens, extending the life of an electric vehicle or hybrid battery by 9.5km and reducing CO2 emissions.

Developments of this nature need repetition and constant experimentation under different circumstances, which not every enterprise can afford. There are 110 years of research and hard work behind our brand.

Q: What does OSRAM need to stay ahead of competition?

A: As consumers have many options in the aftermarket segment and may choose to keep their vehicle for two years or 20, we must be ready to cater to all types of owner. As a result, we have a variety of products in our portfolio that compels our supply chain personnel to work closer with companies’ commercial areas to detect market trends.

OSRAM has a shared administration service center in Mexico where we also manage our operations in Canada and the US. We expect to cover Brazil and Argentina soon. This center provides jobs to over 120 young Mexican professionals. We have 1,300 people helping us achieve our goals in our Monterrey plant and I expect that number to increase over the next couple of months. Additionally, our operations in Ciudad Juarez employ 900 workers and that number is set to reach 1,200 by 2017. OSRAM’s willingness to bet on and invest in Mexico is the clearest example of what is yet to come.

Q: How does OSRAM prioritize the aftermarket segment and its relationship with OEMs?

A: OEMs and aftermarket companies display distinct consumer behaviors and needs and have different end users. Aftermarket customers can be supplying up to the third user in a vehicle’s lifetime. OEMs are first-hand consumers that pay large amounts of money to receive a brand new component. We have the responsibility of providing OEMs with top-notch technology and we must guarantee product availability in the aftermarket.