Technology Transforms the Driver’s Experience
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Technology Transforms the Driver’s Experience

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 06/08/2022 - 10:46

Vehicles are becoming smarter thanks to recent developments from OEMs and technology companies. Apple has introduced the next generation of CarPlay to assist users, while the next generation of Volvo EVs will include new graphics thanks to photorealistic visualization technology.


Meanwhile, Chinese carmaker Chirey recently started operations in Mexico and Brose is investing in its expansion in the country.


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Chirey Enters the Mexican Market

Chirey, known globally as Chery, announced its official entrance to the Mexican market. The brand will open 40 dealerships in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Merida and other cities. The company will import and commercialize the Tiggo 7 Pro and the Tiggo 8 Promax. Read the full article here.


Volvo, Epic Games Partner to Build Advanced Visualization Tech

Volvo Cars will introduce “photorealistic” visualization technology to offer high-quality graphics inside the cabin of the next generation of Volvo EVs. This will be possible thanks to a collaboration with Epic Games to use its Unreal Engine game engine. The first vehicle to contain the new graphics will be Volvo Cars’ new, all-electric flagship model, to be announced later in 2022. The full story here.


Brose to Invest US$20 Million in Queretaro

Brose will expand its operations in Queretaro with a MX$404 million (US$20 million) investment. “I met with Thomas Spangler, CEO, Brose, and I am happy to share with you that we have just closed a MX$400 million deal with the German company for the expansion of one of its plants currently operating in Queretaro,” said Queretaro Governor Mauricio Kuri González. Click here to learn more about Brose’s plans in Mexico.


Next-Generation Apple CarPlay: A Threat to Automakers?

Apple announced the next generation of CarPlay that will allow users to add trip information, control climate in the car, see the weather and view updated navigation information, fuel and battery levels, among other key systems and controls. Despite its multiple benefits, some OEMs see Apple as a threat. "There is no question this is a threat because the automakers, particularly as we transition to software-defined vehicles, realize they run a significant risk of losing whatever ability they have to interact with the consumer unless they get their act together," said Evangelos Simoudis, Founder and Managing Director, Synapse Partners. Read the full story here.


Light Vehicle Production Increased in Mexico

During May 2022, 91,215 light vehicles were commercialized in Mexico. Sales during this month increased by 5.2 percent compared with May 2021. The country also produced 1.38 million light vehicles, with light trucks representing 79.9 percent of total production and the rest were automobiles. Within the same month, 244,643 units were exported, an increase of 1.08 percent when compared with May 2021. Read INEGI’s complete report here.   


Building Loyalty Through Exceptional Aftersales Services

The accompaniment of the client throughout the vehicle’s lifespan builds loyalty, said Jorge Vallejo, President & CEO, Mitsubishi Motors de Mexico. For the automaker, the experience offered in the aftersales service has a direct impact on future sales. “Car specs are important but true loyalty is generated several years after the sale,” he added. Read the full interview here.

Photo by:   MBN

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