CFE Reports Electric Shortages
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CFE Reports Electric Shortages

Photo by:   Twitter @CFEmx
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Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/29/2022 - 08:00

On Sunday, CFE reported that 124,000 users in Veracruz, 44,095 in Tamaulipas and 7,601 in San Luis Potosi, were affected by a shortage of electricity caused by cold front 19 that left the users with no power for between 28 and 72 hours. CFE deployed 415 workers, 140 vehicles and 76 cranes to work on the repairs.

According to CFE, the affected users represented a total of 3 percent of the population of the three federal entities. “CFE reiterates its commitment in this type of contingency, to reinstate supply for the affected users in the shortest possible time, while guaranteeing the safety of its personnel and the population,” reported the company.

In November, CFE declared that it was seeking gas storage options aiming to create an energy reserve for emergencies. In 2021, Mexico faced turbulent times due to natural gas shortages on the back of a winter storm in Texas. Meanwhile, the high demand for US gas from Europe significantly increased the cost of gas in 2022. Lacking storage has long since been pointed out as a weak spot in the country’s mission to become energy-independent.

Last week, CENACE declared an Emergency Operational State in the National Interconnected System due to the arrival of cold front 19. CFE assured that it was prepared to supply electricity despite gas shortages. According to CENACE, up to 9,000MW of electricity generation could be compromised by the storm. CFE’s contingency plan comprises four axes: the use of the entire electric generation park, the use of alternative fuel generation plants including those powered by diesel and fuel oil, constant monitoring of temperature forecasts associated with the winter storm to be aware of how it evolves and a collaboration between CFE and CENACE to ensure electricity supply at competitive, quality and efficient prices.

Photo by:   Twitter @CFEmx

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