Benigno Villarreal
Director General
Vive Energía
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Important Resources: Time and Money

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 07:00

Q: How is the company’s project pipeline developing?

A: Vive Energía started doing business in 2012 and the initial goal was to achieve 600MW under development by 2017, this goal was reached in 2015, the same year that we consolidated a strategic partnership with Envision Energy, a Chinese company that is our technological arm and provides smart wind turbines and energy solutions. At this point, the company had established a goal of reaching 1.2GW under development by 2020 and at least 120MW under operation. In 2018 Vive Energía and its strategic partners commissioned its first wind farm, a 70MW project in the Yucatán Peninsula. In 2019, Vive Energía and its strategic partners are working hard towards making 2020 a great year, by commissioning a 90 MW wind farm by summer and another 63MW wind farm by winter. Regarding our projects still under development, we are working on a 2GW pipeline, mostly concentrated in the Yucatan Peninsula yet with some presence in the northern parts of the country. If no unfortunate legal frame work modification that hinders the renewable energy sector should present itself, we believe at least 570MW of our development pipeline could become operational by 2021.We at Vive Energía firmly believe that the future of energy is electricity, and the future of electricity is renewable.


Q: How does the recently incorporated Energy Intelligence division complement Vive Energía’s offer?

A: Our Energy Intelligence division executes a full analysis of the market conditions of each project. This includes aspects such as defining the node where the project will be connected, the company’s consumption profile and what optimization alternatives can be implemented, among many other factors. These tailor-made solutions have also been key in securing financing for these projects. The Energy Intelligence division complements our overall offer in two main aspects. First, as Vive Energía also executes operational management services, this business unit gives us the tools to be more transparent with the end-user by submitting user friendly KPIs. Secondly, from a commercial perspective, the gathered information represents a competitive advantage when trying to market a project or bring partners on board, whether they may be an investor or an off-taker.


Q: What is the company doing differently to develop projects in challenging regions like Yucatan?

A: Our main differentiator is that we place the same importance on sustainability as on any other division of the company. Vive Energía firmly believes that Renewable Energy Infrastructure projects cannot be taken to a successful end without constructing a lasting bond with the diverse communities and interest groups vested in these projects. This relationship has to be based on trust and the general understanding that these projects will be a factor of positive change in their communities.

Our Dzilam de Bravo project really showcases these efforts as our commitment with sustainability has been implemented with success. Whilst many other projects implement a low-profile policy, we work under a program of maximum publicity, where every project has a Facebook page to facilitate community interaction and discussion on different issues. For instance, the local municipal government provided us with three options for locations within the community where we were going to build a children’s playground, so we put the decision of location up to a public web-based voting process. Hence, people were able to vote for and decide their preferred location for what ultimately was going to be their children’s playground. This community is comprised of >2,000 inhabitants and we had over 5,000 interactions. At the end of the day, people felt involved and that has always been our main goal. What make us different is that we try to really get involved with the community and at the same time get the community involved with the project. Vive Energía is proud to be considered the benchmark in Mexico for the creation and implementation of Social and Environmental action plans.

Vive Energía specializes in the assessment, development, financing, commissioning and operation of renewable energy projects. The company is 100 percent Mexican and its directors have been responsible of the implementation of more than 2000MW in the country.